Power Talismans

Get started on your custom Power Talisman

Work with me to create a one-of-a-kind talisman that is meaningful to the particular energies you are working on bringing into your life. It becomes a manifesting tool that can be worn for rituals, as well as everyday. Think of it as a tattoo that you have the ability to take on and off.

A Power Talisman helps remind you as you wear it of what your intentions are. It can work on a subconscious level - wear it and go about your day, carrying a meaningful symbol to move you through the world towards your dreams. 

The Process


The creation of your Power Talisman with an online questionnaire that helps you focus on what dreams, goals or energies you want to bring into your life. The questionnaire also asks about resources, tools that you call upon in times of need. I want to know more about those so I can make sure the piece is as personal and powerful as possible for you.

Next I will ask follow up questions to find out more, then I will make two rounds of sketches to come to a design that resonates with you.

Please allow up to 2 months for making, because depending on the design, I could be carving one-of-a-kind waxes to cast and make a mold from, sourcing rare gemstones in interesting shapes, or other labor intensive processes.

The finished piece comes in a wooden box that can be used as a travel altar, or a ritual box to keep your talisman in. Along with a written intention to help remind you what your talisman is about.

The Cost 

Materials can range from bronze to gold, which of course, affect the price. Talisman prices range from $300 to $500 depending on metal and gemstone choices.

There's a $100 deposit at the beginning to come up with sketches. Once you approve the design, another deposit is required to begin the making. When your Power Talisman is complete, you pay the balance. 


"I worked with Alice to create a talisman after a traumatic life event. I needed to love myself, embrace my freedom and find lightness as well as positivity. The questionnaire and process was enjoyable. Alice is incredibly thoughtful and was able to design a piece that truly speaks to me. I cannot recommend this enough! Jewelry is meant to have meaning and it feels incredible to have a talisman made just for me." - Liz   

I would be honored to work with you! Please email me to get started designing your own one-of-a-kind Power Talisman. I'm looking forward to connecting.